Mission & Vision statements

Philosophy of Institute

We believe that Health is a state of well being that enables a person to lead a physical, mental, social and spiritually healthy life.
Since that is a right of all peoples; individual, families & communities, this is the motto of Prem Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS). We believe in contributing health services to the community by training graduates in Nursing & Physiotherapy, this will be with the collaboration of health professionals and community groups. Philosophy is also based on Health Standards required for practice as per National Health Policy. We believe that our teachers are role models & create a learning environment that enables students to face the challenges of the modern era. The institute will have a system of administration, which will permit it to function as an educational/ training & research institution



To provide supreme quality education so as to produce competent professionals in a sensitive area like health care and also to develop individuals overall personality



To inspire students to achieve the highest level of intellectual attainment and clinical ompetence ; while developing in them, an attitude for life long services towards humanity and as well as selfless service in the field of health care